Richard Chamberlain has lived and breathed golf from a very young age - as a long time single figure marker who took his deep passion for the game into the highest technical levels in the arena of golf course design.

Brisbane born and raised, he was first introduced to golf by innocently chipping in the backyard at an early age with his dad. Thats when the bug took hold and saw his ability develop to the point where he maintained a single figure handicap for many years.

Meantime in 1983 he commenced his cadetship with the Qld Department of Mines, in conjunction with studies in Cartography. Those early drafting, presentation and graphic skills provided the solid starting point from where he was able to launch his career in the golf course design business in 1988 with the internationally acclaimed Marsh Watson Pty Ltd.

Always the innovators, Ross Watson and Graham Marsh led the industry into the exciting use of computer aided design (CAD) and, through his prompting and encouragement, Richard's task in the late 1980's was to "make it happen" through computer imagery and its other engineering based applications.

He did just that. Indeed Richard did it so ably that the company's technical planning in creating new golf courses began to attract the attention nationally, then globally, and his methods received the highest compliments possible by clients and consultants. By the mid 1990's Richard was leading the world in the area of computer involvement in golf course design and resulted in him winning several awards for his ground breaking imagery.

After a stint with Graham Marsh Golf Design through the 90's he again linked with Ross Watson in 2001 and their formidable expertise and strong understanding had seen the company attain the highest levels of distinction in the design and planning of many acclaimed courses throughout Australia and right across Asia.

Richard's variety of tasks covered all design requirements including design, planning, plan and document production and a myriad of technical assistance ranging from Tender compilation, client interaction and onsite inspections.

Now, in 2009 Richard takes these twenty years of experience into his own golf course design company and excitedly looks towards the next couple of decades of golf course creation.