RCGD have been appointed to produce a Course Important Plan for both the West and River Courses at Cooly-Tweed. The focus of these plans will be on some manipulation and removal of some bunkers and also a clear strategic path forward for the ongoing landscaping and tree management on the golf course.

The current 36 holes have over 160 bunkers on it which require man man hourse of maintenance. In addition to the cost to maintain there are many bunkers that pose little or no value to the playing strategies. As a result a Plan will be prepared so that these recommendations can be implemented over a period of time.

Another issue at the proud Tweed club is that many trees have now grown to the point where fairway widths are extremely restricted. There will be many opportunities to remove some vegetation, improve the playability of each golf holes and also impart more sunlight and airflow to promote better turf health.

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